All submissions must be in a Word .doc or .docx format, double-spaced, one-inch margins all the way around, in Times New Roman 12.

Premier Critique:

$250 (Submit 30 double-spaced pages—up to 10,000 words. Please include a chapter-by-chapter outline.)

First Ten Pages:

$75 (Submit 10 double-spaced pages—up to 3,500 words.)

Choose Your Page Numbers:

$7.00 per double-spaced page (345-350 words)—minimum of 20 pages. (This option does not give me the opportunity to evaluate your overall plotline, as this service does not include a look at your chapter-by-chapter outline. But if you want to have me spot coach you periodically, this may be an option for you.)

Complete Manuscript Critique:

$5.50 per page. (Please contact me to arrange this service as I must evaluate a sample of your manuscript before accepting the job.)

Sample Rewrite:

$175 (First 2,000 words of your manuscript.) If you want a taste of what a rewrite will look like, you can select this sample option and have the first 2,000 words of your manuscript rewritten. (This does not include critiquing or tutoring you as to why I am making the changes I am making. If you want more of a tutoring session in writing, please choose the Premier Critique Service or Complete Manuscript Critique. Nor does this service include copy-editing. For that, you will need a proofreading service.)

Contact Me to arrange this service as I must evaluate a sample of your manuscript before accepting the job.


All services are payable in advance. And while these prices may seem a bit steep to you, remember that you are getting a personalized course in writing with each critique, and learning skills that you will be able to use in future books.

Have you made your decision? Great! I am excited for you! Let’s get started!

Simply fill out the submission form, make your payment, and make sure to keep an eye on your email for my response. (Remember to check your Spam folder, just in case your email service sends it to the wrong folder on your end.)

Submit a Word .doc or Word .docx file, and after a thorough look at the submission, I will send you an email with the annotations and suggestions for changes that will help you achieve your goals as a great writer.



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