When you receive your critique report, it is a good idea to sit with the report and let it soak in. As writers, we are involved in a very personal and very creative process, and sometimes, when we feel criticized, we may get a bit annoyed or even frustrated. That is understandable. But remember that my job is to guide and teach you the nuances of great writing. So, please look at every aspect of my critique as a positive not a negative, a springboard from which you can work and leap into better writing in future books. It is natural when you first get the critique report to maybe feel a bit prickly about it; after all, it is a criticism, and a pretty detailed one at that. As much as I may encourage you, you may focus more on the criticisms and the recommendations to make changes. Before you rush to send me an email in defense of your writing, remember why you sought my services in the first place. If you were entirely confident in your ability, you wouldn’t be hiring a book doctor. Give it a few days, really let the critique sink in, get to work on the changes, and then see how it unfolds for you. After some time and some diligent application of my suggestions, you will find that you are blossoming into a better writer and learning as you go. After a few days you’ll be able to see the good points that are highlighted, and the suggestions for change will make more sense to you. If you do find that you have some questions, remember that your novel will no longer be fresh in my mind if you wait weeks, or even days, to post me those questions. And I can only offer limited aftercare. I allow for two follow-up emails regarding a specific critique job, within a seven day window of time. All services I provide are non-refundable.

Let’s Get Started!

All submissions must be in a Word .doc or .docx format, double-spaced, one-inch margins all the way around, in Times New Roman 12. All services are payable in advance. And while these prices may seem a bit steep to you, remember that, with each critique, you are getting a personalized course in writing, and learning skills that you will be able to use in future books.

Have you made your decision? Great! I am excited for you! Let’s get started!

Submit a Word .doc or Word .docx file, and after a thorough look at your submission, I will send you an email with the annotations and suggestions for changes that will help you achieve your goals as a great writer.



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