1 Hour Phone Session



1 Hour Telephone Session with Cassandra Lebedz.  (The first chapter up to 7,500 words.)

You can use this service to ask Cassandra questions about writing, or you can use this feature for additional follow-ups to other services.

Working with a client either face-to-face or via telephone is my favorite way to teach writing.  Hence the term “preferred service.”  With this service, not only do you get real-time feedback but you also get real-time examples of how to change your writing for the better.  During these sessions, I send tips and techniques via email while we are speaking on the phone.  This is how it works: you order, and pay, for a Preferred Service session.  I zip you an email and request your sample—usually the first chapter—I evaluate the sample and then schedule a telephone session with you.  This is the easiest way to get the most for your money and learn to hone your craft.  You get a personal teacher and writing coach, and you can have as many sessions as you need with as many books as you want.

*Although we are on the phone for roughly an hour per session, I am spending at least two more hours prior to that in evaluating your sample and making notes for you.

If you feel you may need more than 1 hour per session, you can add an hour by using the payment drop-down menu.  For a follow-up or ongoing coaching, please select the number of hours you want for each session.

Add Additional Time

Let’s Get Started!

All submissions must be in a Word .doc or .docx format, double-spaced, one-inch margins all the way around, in Times New Roman 12. All services are payable in advance. And while these prices may seem a bit steep to you, remember that, with each critique, you are getting a personalized course in writing, and learning skills that you will be able to use in future books.

Have you made your decision? Great! I am excited for you! Let’s get started!

Submit a Word .doc or Word .docx file, and after a thorough look at your submission, I will send you an email with the annotations and suggestions for changes that will help you achieve your goals as a great writer.



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